2022 Archives

Recent Progress on the VASIMR® Engine IEPC-2022

Estimation of erosion phenomena within helicon plasma sources through a steady-state explicit analytical model

Plasma-Surface Interactions Within Helicon Plasma Sources

2021 Archives

Steady-State Testing in the VASIMR® VX-200SSTM Project

2020 Archives

Development and Testing of a 120 kW RF Power Processing Unit for the VASIMR® System

2019 Archives

Steady-state Testing at 100 kW in the VASIMR® VX-200SSTM Project

2018 Archives

Enhancing VASIMR® with Maturing Technologies

The Hydrogen role of decarbonization in Costa Rica: techno-economic aspects (2018)

2017 Archives

Costa Rica Hydrogen Transportation Ecosystem (2017)

2016 Archives

Advances in Duration Testing of the VASIMR® VX-200SS System,AIAA JPC P&E Presentation (2016)

Advances in Duration Testing of the VASIMR® VX-200SS System, AIAA JPC P&E Paper (2016)

An aspiration with great possibilities for Costa Rica, From oil to Hydrogen (2016)

2015 Archives

Investigation of plasma detachment from a magnetic nozzle in the plume of the VX-200, AIAA Trans Plas Sci (2015)

2014 Archives

Development toward a spaceflight capable VASIMR® engine and SEP applications, AIAA Space (2014)

Using VASIMR® for the Proposed Europa Mission, AIAA Space (2014)

Inverse estimate of heat flux on a plasma discharge tube to steady-state conditions, Int J of Heat & Mass Transfer (2014)

Temperature gradients due to adiabatic plasma expansion in a magnetic nozzle, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol (2014)

Inverse estimate of heat flux on a plasma discharge tube to steady-state conditions, Int J of Heat & Mass Transfer (2014)

Improved Efficiency and Throttling Range of the VX-200 Magnetoplasma Thruster, J of Propulsion and Power (2014)

2013 Archives

VASIMR® Spaceflight Engine System Mass Study and Scaling with Power, IEPC (2013)

An Experimental Study of Plasma Detachment from a Magnetic Nozzle in the VASIMR® Plume, IEPC (2013)

VASIMR® Solar Powered Missions for NEA Retrieval and NEA Deflection IEPC (2013)

A Plan to Study the Radiated Emissions from a VASIMR® Engine Exhaust Plume, IEPC (2013)

The ISS Space Plasma Laboratory: A Proposed Electric Propulsion On-Orbit Workbench, IEPC (2013)

Measurement of the Dielectric Wall Erosion in Helicon Plasma Thrusters, IEPC (2013)

VASIMR® VX-CR Experiment: Status, Diagnostics and Plasma Plume Characterization, IEPC (2013)

Plasma Adiabaticity in a Diverging Magnetic Nozzle, IEPC (2013)

Fast and Robust Human Missions to Mars with Advanced NEP-VASIMR Propulsion, NETS (2013)

2012 Archives

VX-200 Improved Throttling Range, JPC (2012)

A Survey of Missions using VASIMR for Flexible Space Exploration (Part 2), JSC-66428 (2012)

A review of the processing, composition, and thermal properties of dielectric technical ceramics, J Mater Sci (2012)

2011 Archives

VASIMR: Deep Space Transportation for the 21st Century, AIAA SPACE (2011)

VX-200 Performance Measurements and Helicon Throttle Tables Using Ar & Kr, IEPC (2011)

The VX-CR Experiment: A Thermal and Lifetime Testbed for the VASIMR Engine, IEPC (2011)

VX-200 Operation at 200 kW and Plume Measurements: Future Plans and an ISS EP Test Platform, IEPC (2011)

VX-200 Performance Results Exceeding 50% Thruster Efficiency, J of Propulsion and Power (2011)

VASIMR Human Mission to Mars, SPESIF (2011)

Ambipolar ion acceleration in an expanding magnetic nozzle, Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2011)

Performance studies of the VX-200, AIAA ASME (2011)

2010 Archives

Performance Measurements and Technology Demonstration of the VX-200, AIAA SPACE (2010)

VASIMR Performance Results, JPC (2010)

A Survey of Missions using VASIMR for Flexible Space Exploration, JSC-65825 (2010)

Observations of single-pass ion cyclotron heating in a trans-sonic flowing plasma, Physics of Plasmas (2010)

2009 Archives

Ambipolar Ion Acceleration in the Expanding Magnetic Nozzle of the VASIMR VX-200i, JPC (2009)

VASIMR Technological Advances, JPC (2009)

Validating a Plasma Momentum Flux Sensor to an Inverted Pendulum Thrust Stand, J of Prop and Power (2009)

Hall Thruster and VASIMR VX-100 Force measurements using a Plasma Momentum Flux Sensor, AIAA (2009)

2008 Archives

VASIMR Performance Measurements, ISGLP (2008)

Electromagnetic ion cyclotron resonance heating in the VASIMR, Advances in Space Research (2008)

2007 Archives

Global Modeling of Magnetized Capacitive Discharges, IEEE Trans Plas Sci (2007)

Projected Lunar Cargo, IEPC (2007)

High Power VASIMR Experiments, IEPC (2007)

Developing the VASIMR Engine, Central American Today (2007)

High Power Ion Cyclotron Heating In the VASIMR Engine, AIAA (2007)

2006 Archives

Combined rf and transport effects, J of Applied Physics (2006)

Improvements in Ionization Cost, AIAA (2006)

2005 Archives

Ion Acceleration in VASIMR, IEPC (2005)

Plasma Detachment in a Magnetic Nozzle, Physics of Plasmas (2005)

Plasma Heating Simulation in VASIMR, AIAA (2005)

2004 Archives

The use of RF waves in space propulsion systems, Bulletin of Radio Science (2004)

2002 Archives

Simulations of Plasma Detachment in VASIMR, AIAA (2002)

Comparing Experiments with Modeling for Light Ion Helicon Plasma Sources Physics of Plasmas (2002)

2000 Archives

The VASIMR Rocket Scientific American (2000)


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