Why Choose Ad Astra?

As renewable energy infrastructure and hydrogen technology begin to gain traction all over the world, you may be wondering why you should choose to work with Ad Astra. Our value proposition is combining our real-world experience and expertise in the technology and its operation with our knowledge and understanding of the region and its customs. This combination allows us to fully customize the energy solution to our clients’ needs.

As a small company truly dedicated to helping preserve the planet through the use of green technology and innovative turn-key solutions, we put our customers’ needs first. We know it can be overwhelming to make a switch to a new energy system and we are here the whole way to make sure our clients feel as confident and excited as we will about their new clean energy solution.

Our multilingual and international team have a clear understanding of global standards, requirements, and safety regulations. We enjoy working together with other key hydrogen and renewable energy players and our customers to improve their energy infrastructure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Saftey Minded

As founding members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, Ad Astra takes Safety very seriously.


With over a decade of experience in all facets of renewable energy and hydrogen ecosystem development and maintenance, we are excited to start putting our knowledge to good use!

Customizable Solutions

Renewable energy and hydrogen technology components are available on the market today, but Ad Astra integrates and automates them in order to create a tailored, safe clean energy solution.


Having represented our company in various multinational conferences and high level business negotiations, our team of engineers have proven to be friendly and professional collaborators.


As the first company to create a fully functional, 100% carbon-free hydrogen ecosystem and bring the first small fleet of hydrogen fuel cell cars to Latin America, we are proud to be the owners of many firsts!

Quality Engineering

Our team has experience in high-precision engineering and excellent quality control.

Major Projects

A brief portfolio

Ad Astra's Hydrogen Ecosystem

The one that started it all

Experience follows vision and we have plenty of both. Our journey to become a one-stop-shop green energy solutions provider began more than a decade ago. In 2010, we began planning and building our own, and Latin America’s first, 100% carbon-free green hydrogen ecosystem. Our goal was to not only demonstrate its viability, but also become extremely familiar with all the different components of renewable energy coupled with a hydrogen-based economy.

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There are 4 parts to our ecosystem:

adastra cr hydrogen ecosystem v2
  1. The energy source: we use a mix of solar and wind energy.
  2. The conversion stage: we use an electrolyzer to split water into its two ingredients hydrogen and oxygen.
  3. Storage: We then compress that hydrogen and store it in tanks (the hydrogen is a natural storage of energy).
  4. Energy Retrieval: In our case the energy retrieval comes in the form of two hydrogen dispensers, which dispense the hydrogen to HFCEV (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) such as cars, buses and trucks. But energy retrieval could easily be a stack of fuel cells that convert that stored hydrogen straight into electrical energy to power stationary structures like homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, neighborhoods, etc. An important feature of these stationary applications is the large quantity of pure water that is also generated. Each kg of hydrogen consumed produces approximately nine liters of pure water.

Our team was deeply involved in every part of designing, building and installing our hydrogen ecosystem, from installing the solar panels to programming the hydrogen dispenser. This real-life experience, as well as being founding members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety and Costa Rica’s Hydrogen Alliance as well as being one of Costa Rica’s representatives for The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE), has solidified our expertise.

Clients & Partners