Why Hydrogen?

A clean solution to colossal contamination

Hydrogen is going to have a major role in replacing fossil fuels worldwide. Hydrogen is unique, compared to other energy storage solutions, because it has a greater storage capacity, longer unit life, is fast-charging, and the only by-product is pure water. AASEA has proven that green hydrogen production in Costa Rica is possible and practical. Expanding the hydrogen economy throughout the region will stimulate job opportunities, reduce dependence on oil imports, and move Costa Rica closer to becoming a carbon-free country.

This process, however, is not exclusive to Costa Rica, the infrastructure we have put in place in Costa Rica can be replicated worldwide, along with the economic and environmental benefits that accompany it.

Our goal at AASEA is to develop and implement clean energy solutions tailored to our customers. We chose hydrogen as our specialization because of its extraordinary power to mass ratios (kW/kg) and its ability to scale up. Those two things give it an advantage over other electric technologies when it comes to heavy duty cargo transportation and larger scale stationary operations, two major contributors to the global carbon-footprint. By focusing our attention on technology that can solve larger scale industry problems, our efforts will aid in the diversification of available green energy solutions, hopefully making the shift to a carbon-free society a little smoother.

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A Closer Look at Hydrogen

By Ad Astra Experts