Building a Carbon-Free Future

Our role in implementing renewable energy infrastructure

At the core of AASEA’s mission, is a mandate to implement green energy solutions with high-quality technology that can benefit our customers and the planet.
We have gained unique expertise in renewable energy systems and hydrogen technology from a decade of practical experience building, operating, and optimizing our demonstration hydrogen ecosystem – located onsite at our Costa Rica laboratory. We conceived, designed, built, and are maintaining and continuously improving it. This same ecosystem can be replicated and scaled up, all over the world, however our expertise in each unit of our ecosystem allows us the flexibility to customize an energy solution that fits our customer’s needs.
Although we can provide engineering services for all types of renewable energy, we see great value in implementing hydrogen into many solutions. Hydrogen technology scales up in size magnificently, so whether you are interested in creating an ecosystem to fuel a small fleet of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCV) or want to create a green energy matrix to operate an entire resort, university campus, or apartment complex; the opportunities are vast.

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How we can help you reduce your carbon footprint?

Everyone’s energy needs and goals are different, that is why it is important for us at Ad Astra to work with our customer to provide them an optimal solution. We have designed this four-part process to work with our clients every step of the way, ensuring we are implementing an energy solution we will all be proud of. An initial meeting allows us to listen to our client’s needs and ideas and offer them insight into additional options. From this, we generate a conceptual design with a detailed roadmap to implementation. Implementation of the project follows these two steps to final delivery of the turn-key system. Upon completion, we can also handle the maintenance of the system through its operational life. Ad Astra is there for you from beginning to end.

Consultation & Diagnostics

We meet and examine your current energy system, including its geographic location, available infrastructure, land area, energy sources, energy form, demand and management, and the system’s overall cost and performance. This assessment, combined with the your stated needs and goals, allows us to create and offer a conceptual design for the optimal zero-carbon solution.

Pre-Design & Design

In this phase, we turn the conceptual design into a full system design process with its respective preliminary and critical design reviews, leading to a final executable design.

Installation, Integration & Commissioning

From the design process we handle the system implementation. Providing you with full support, Ad Astra will manage the installation, test, and commissioning of all the system elements and deliver an integrated, turn-key solution to your energy needs.

Operation, Maintenance & Repair

Keeping your expressed requirements at the forefront, Ad Astra will also handle all the maintenance, repair and upgrades that may be needed throughout the operational life of the system.

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