A threat and an opportunity for humankind

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Asteroids pose both a threat and an opportunity for humankind. The VASIMR® engine has the ability to contribute to technology engineered to deflect said asteroids or support the mining of asteroids that contain beneficial substances such as water, nickel, iron, among others.

Asteroids pose both a potential threat and a potential opportunity for humanity. Some could be “mined” for valuable resources (i.e. water, nickel, iron, among others); others, however, traveling along paths crossing Earth’s orbit have the potential of impacting our planet, and, if not deflected, pose a serious threat to our civilization.

Space transportation technology needs to be developed to not only be able to deflect asteroids that pose a threat but also allow for their “relocation” to conveniently stable orbits, near the Moon or close to our planet, where their resources could be mined.

High-power, solar electric VASIMR® space tugs can provide both the “muscle” and the high-capacity cargo capability to move large payloads economically.