Ad Astra Ocelot ™ VASIMR®

Power and Propulsion Module
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Many satellites, including the ISS, are extremely intertwined into our daily lives; responsible for jobs ranging from defense and military intelligence to locating a coffee shop near you.

They need to be maintained and part of that maintenance is keeping them in a safe orbital altitude. Specifically, on a vehicle as large as the ISS flying relatively close to the edge of the atmosphere, we spend millions of dollars annually transporting chemical propellant to the ISS to provide this service. With the VASIMR® as an option that cost would decrease tenfold!

There are very large platforms orbiting the Earth skimming the edge of the atmosphere. Some are in planning, such as Axiom Space’s Commercial Space Station, China’s Tiangong 3 Space Station or the Bigelow Aerospace Space Complex Bravo; others such as the ISS are in operation.. These satellites, however, regularly need to be re-boosted so that they maintain a safe orbital altitude. Accomplishing this task with chemical rockets requires large amounts of fuel to be delivered to the orbital facility at great expense.

Ad Astra’s Ocelot ™ VASIMR® power and propulsion module can provide this re-boost service at a fraction of the cost due to a lower fuel mass requirement.

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