Sustainable transport


Going back to the moon has become the talk of the town in many space-industry circles.  However, to do so sustainably there needs to be a robust and economically feasible transportation capability in order to support permanent settlements on the moon and points nearby.

This sustainable transport capability will allow for us to help create an economically viable infrastructure for handling a growing demand for space logistics. “Space trucking” will enable rapid economic growth in the space frontier just as the trucking of goods on Earth energized our planet’s economy and sustained our survival.

The VASIMR® engine offers a potentially lower cost of transportation option in cislunar space than conventional chemical propulsion. By drastically reducing the fuel mass required per kg of payload delivered, you can send out a bigger load with less fuel for less money. Moreover, the higher power, as compared with other electric rockets, allows you to retain sufficiently fast transits.

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The VASIMR® Cargo Delivery Space Tug Concept