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NASA JSC – Interview with Administrator Nelson and Dr. Chang Díaz for...

Join NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and CEO/Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz as they reminisce about their space days. See full event here.

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ABC13 feature

ABC13 – NASA’s first Latino astronaut wants everyone to travel to space

Dr. Chang Díaz speaks to local ABC13 for Hispanic Heritage Month, telling their viewers what it was like to be the first Latin American NASA astronaut...Click here to…

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OTV debri CR midres

Aviation Week – Ad Astra Hits Milestone In Test Of Novel, High-Power...

Ad Astra Rocket Company experiences another astounding success, breaking another high-power/long-duration record, this time running the engine for 88hr continuous at 80kW power… breaking both a company and…

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Plasma photo w probs

Politico – The rocket engine that could transform space travel

‘TOTAL TRANSFORMATION’: That’s what rocket company Ad Astra is ultimately hoping to achieve in deep space travel as it continues to test-fire its VASIMR plasma engine into the…

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navigating nuclear insights hero

American Nuclear Society | Discovery – Navigating Nuclear

Join brilliant scientists Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz, Candace Davidson, David Poston and others on the journey of learning all about nuclear power! Click here to learn more. 

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Houston Now – Houston Public Media – How do Plasma Rocket Engines...

In 2005, Houston Rocket Company, Ad Astra began the processes of designing a more efficient rocket engine for space flight. 15 years later, their VASMIR Plasma Rocket Engine…

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the ideas that changed the world

PBS Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World

Learn the explosive history of the rocket, from its origin in ancient China, to its use as a weapon of war, to how adding hydrogen allowed it to…

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great big story ad astra franklin chang

Great Big Story – An Ex-NASA Astronaut’s Plan to Speed Up the...

Franklin Chang Díaz is a pioneer. As a child, he dreamed of going into space. As an adult, he made his wish come true. Diaz was the first…

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artist s rendition of vasimr 02

CBC Quirks & Quarks

Franklin Chang Diaz flew on the space shuttle seven times and holds a PhD in plasma physics from MIT, so he knows a few things about rockets. Through his firm…

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Briefings Magazine – Lessons from the Cosmos

The countdown sequence began for the space shuttle Columbia on the launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center. Strapped inside the cramped interior was astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz and…

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Immediate Prospect