Texas Monthly – The Astronaut Who Might Actually Get Us to Mars

We like to tell stories—often in blockbuster films and children’s books—that dramatize a direct path from the initial spark of an idea to its realization. Decades of hard…

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Space Angels- Rocket Science: Solar-Electric Systems and In-Space Propulsion

Space industry devotées will remember a short-lived NASA program called the Asteroid Redirect Mission, or ARM. The goal of the ARM was to send a robotic envoy to…

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ARS Technica – NASA’s plasma rocket making progress toward a 100-hour firing

Almost everyone recognizes that if humans are truly to go deeper into the Solar System, we need faster and more efficient propulsion systems than conventional chemical rockets. Rocket…

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Forbes – A Plasma Rocket Engine May Get Us To Mars In...

Born the son of Chinese and Costa Rican parents and with just $50 in his pocket, Franklin Chang Diaz came to the U.S. to do his undergraduate studies…

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Bloomberg – Space Junk Blocks Our Way to the Stars

Danger lurks in Earth’s orbit as thousands of rogue objects speed around the planet—and you can’t exactly call a guy with a truck to come sweep it all…

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