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La República – El Motor de Plasma

Interview with CEO Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz about the status of the VASIMR® rocket engine and what is in store for Ad Astra Rocket Company – read full…

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Teletica – Franklin Chang Díaz, científico y astronauta costarricense, detalla los avances...

Interview with Canal 7/Teletica on the status of the VASIMR® project. See full virtual interview here!

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St. Gallen Event 2022 – Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz Interview with Blick...

After a successful panel, our CEO answered some questions about his life story with Blick reporter Christian Kolbe.   See full interview here!

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International Atomic Energy Agency – Nuclear Technology Set to Propel and Power...

An article published on the IAEA website after a panel discussing the future of Nuclear Electric Propulsion and other technologies gearing up to facilitate in-space logistics and deep-space…

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AUTM Talks: Going Beyond with Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz

“AUTMHQ will be presenting a very entertaining conversation with Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, the first Costa Rican and Hispanic astronaut, who will take us on a trip to the…

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Entrevista MO

Entrevistas MO – José Manuel Nieves

“Ha viajado siete veces al espacio, lo cual es un récord que sigue imbatido. Y desde hace casi dos décadas, ha desarrollado un nuevo concepto de motor iónico,…

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NBC Universal (XL) – Through 20 Years in Space, He Saw Climate...

“Costa Rican American astronaut Franklin Chang-Díaz saw the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the pollution of the world’s oceans happen over 20 years in trips to space.…

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Meganoticias | Chile – Planeta Futuro – Cohete nuclear podría llegar a...

Un segmento de noticias sobre el motor VASIMR con el Dr. Chang Díaz. Para ver el segmento completo, leer más aquí.

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NASA JSC – Interview with Administrator Nelson and Dr. Chang Díaz for...

Join NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and CEO/Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz as they reminisce about their space days. See full event here.

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ABC13 feature

ABC13 – NASA’s first Latino astronaut wants everyone to travel to space

Dr. Chang Díaz speaks to local ABC13 for Hispanic Heritage Month, telling their viewers what it was like to be the first Latin American NASA astronaut...Click here to…

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