Deep Space Human Transportation Support

A SEP-VASIMR® system can greatly reduce the propellant required to travel from Earth to destinations such as Mars thus greatly reducing the initial mass of the space transportation vehicle in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the cost of the mission. For human mission to Deimos, studied by NASA (N. Strange, R. Merrill, D. Landau, B. Drake, J.R. Brophy, R. Hofer, “Human Missions to Phobos and Deimos Using Combined Chemical and Solar Electric Propulsion”, AIAA-2011-5663, 47th AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, San Diego, California, July 31-3, 2011), the SEP-VASIMR® mission can be implemented with the same duration, but requires less propellant and a smaller initial mass.

Indirect Escape Sequence for Human mission to Deimos, studied by NASA (SEP-HET option), starting from LEO with 301 t mass
SEP-VASIMR® Mission trajectory, starting from LEO with 223 t mass, lasting the same 2.7 years as SEP-HET mission.