Media Gallery

VX-200SS 100kW Firing in Spring 2017

VX-200SS™ VASIMR® prototype firing at a power level of 100 kW with ARGON as propellant. These tests are conducted in Ad Astra’s 150 m3 Texas vacuum chamber as part of the NASA NextSTEP partnership.

Solar Panel Installation at Ad Astra Costa Rica

Our facilities in Liberia, Guanacaste Costa Rica currently generate 100% of its operating power requirements with renewable solar energy.

Ad Astra Cummins Wind turbine 2017 performance tests

Fourth Power Curve Test with a top power limit of 2390 watts. Wind speeds between 5 and 10 m/s. Max Power 1617watts. Test duration: 20 minutes.


Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz's keynote address at the 8th World Conference of the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agriculture and Life Sciences, hosted at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.

International Space Development Conference

Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz at the International Space Development Conference in Toronto on New Technology.

Crossing the Space Frontier

Crossing the Space Frontier - A Boundless Media and Ad Astra Rocket Company film production.

VASIMR Orbital Sweeper

For Space Debris Removal-VASIMR technology enables the next generation of high-power solar electric propulsion to mitigate orbital debris in a timely and cost-effective way.

NEP-VASIMR Human Mission to Mars

30 MW VASIMR human mission from LEO to Mars was designed, assuming DRA 5.0 payload and initial mass requirements.

Asteroid Deflection Mission

Using SEP-VASIMR technology- Ad Astra Rocket Company has evaluated the applicability of its 400 kW solar electric propulsion "space tug" concept.

SEP-VASIMR Robotic mission to Jupiter

Jupiter Catapult mission with solar power 500 kW at Earth. Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) with payload approaches Sun in order to get more solar power.

HD 10 sec plasma shot in VX-200

The main focus of the Ad Astra's Research & Development efforts is the VX-200, which is a VASIMR® prototype designed to test flight-like hardware and technology in a space-like environment.

VX-200 plasma at full power of 200 kW

VX-200 plasma at full power of 200 kW. VX-200 is a VASIMR® prototype designed to test flight-like hardware and technology in a space-like environment.

Wind Turbine Dynamic Blade Balancing

Ad Astra Rocket Company Costa Rica performing dynamic wind turbine blade balancing to reduce vibrations and improve performance.

Wind Turbine Development

Video montage showing the complete process for development of a prototype 5 kW wind turbine at Ad Astra's Costa Rican facilities.

VX-200 Insertion into the Vacuum Chamber

Ad Astra scientists performing a fit check and testing the first insertion of the new VX-200 structure into the vacuum chamber and rail system.

VASIMR Mockup (VF-200)

Ad Astra Rocket Company engineers getting the Houston portion of the Aurora platform mockup (VASIMR VF-200) ready for shipment.

Mockup of the Aurora Platform with VASIMR

This video shows, in an integrated manner, the full size mockups of both the Aurora® platform and the VASIMR® VF-200 rocket.