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General Public Tour

A one hour guided tour of the laboratory, including the VASIMR® technology and presentation by one of Ad Astra’s rocket scientists. The tour is intended for general tourists, families, students (Middle School - High School - University level).

Professional Tour

A more in-depth description of the VASIMR® system with potential applications of the technology and laboratory capabilities, guided by one of Ad Astra’s top rocket scientists. The tour is intended for corporate, scientific, engineering groups, and interns (NASA or industry).

Special VIP Package

Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz will guide a personalized tour of the Ad Astra facilities and give a presentation about the future of space exploration.  Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz is the Ad Astra ToursAd Astra President/CEO and former space shuttle astronaut. The tour includes refreshments and personal discussion, autographs and pictures session.

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Ad Astra Tours