Press Releases


Aethera’s New RF Power Processing Unit for the VASIMR Engine Completes Full Power Acceptance Tests at Ad Astra Rocket Company’s Texas Facility, 08/20/2019

Ad Astra strengthens green hydrogen footprint in Costa Rica, 04/24/2019 


N'YU'TI Road, 08/14/18

Aethera Technologies Limited and Canadian Space Agency sign $1.5M R&D agreement boosting Ad Astra Rocket Company’s  VASIMR® development, 06/26/18

San José has a special guest on may 8th, 05/08/18


Central America's first transportation ecosystem becomes operational, 11/29/17
Ad Astra Rocket Company successfully completes all NASA NextStep Contract Milestones for year two, receives NASA approval to proceed with year three, 08/09/17
First hydrogen fuel cell electric bus arrives in Costa Rica, 08/02/17
Ad Astra Rocket Company completes key project milestones on Costa Rica's first hydrogen-electric transport ecosystem, 05/08/17


Ad Astra Rocket Company successfully completes all NASA NextStep Contract Milestones for year one, receives NASA approval to proceed with year two, 08/03/16
Ad Astra Rocket Company, Costa Rica is now 100% solar powered, 03/18/16
Municipality of Curridabat and Ad Astra Rocket investigate new sources of supply energetic, 01/27/16


Ad Astra Rocket Company in Orbital ATK Team Selected for NASA's second research and technology for aerospace propulsion systems (RTAPS) contract, 09/22/15
Ad Astra's Dr. Jared P. Squire is elected Associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 09/11/15
Ad Astra Rocket Company and NASA move to execution phase of NextStep VASIMR® partnership, 08/10/15
Ad Astra Rocket Company wins major NASA advanced propulsion contract, 03/31/15


AARC and RECOPE sign new contract on hydrogen technology development, 02/20/14


AARC and NASA sign new agreements on VASIMR® development, 12/19/13
AARC and Costa Rica's RECOPE unveil clean energy hydrogen technology project, 12/12/13
New plasma technology patent issued to AARC, 12/05/13
Theodore "Tim" Solso is elected to the Ad Astra Board of Directors, 11/12/13
AARC scientists author eight scietific papers presented at IEPC-2013, 10/09/13
Ambassador Anne Andrew is elected to the Ad Astra Board of Directors, 10/03/13
Ad Astra Rocket Company reaches important design review milestone, 6/28/13
AARC, Cummins successfully use hydrogen/biogas to power a Cummins generator in Costa Rica, 6/1/13
José A. Zaglul is elected to the Ad Astra Board of Directors, 4/8/13
Ad Astra’s Christopher Olsen presents groundbreaking VASIMR result in PhD thesis milestone, 2/2/13


VASIMR prototype increases high-power performance, demonstrates efficient constant power throttling, 7/27/12
AARC, Costa Rica signs agreements for $1.4M for research and development of hydrogen technologies, 7/24/12
AARC and NASA JSC sign agreement on VASIMR payload safety and reliability support, 5/31/12
AARC Costa Rica scientists participate in new zero-gravity flight, 5/16/12


Ad Astra unveils mock-up of space platform 'Aurora', 10/12/11
AARC Costa Rica selects two scientists for Microgravity Flight, 5/26/11
Ad Astra and NASA sign Support Agreement on VASIMR technology, 3/8/11


VASIMR VX-200 Meets Full Power Efficiency Milestone, 11/23/10
AARC and MEI Technologies, Inc. form Strategic Alliance, 1/14/10


VX-200 reaches 200 kW, 9/30/09
VX-200 demonstrates superconducting first stage at full power, 7/2/09
VX-200 superconducting magnet delivered, accepted, 03/06/09


NASA and AARC sign Agreement for VASIMR flight test, 12/12/08
VX-200 first stage achieves full power, 10/24/08
AARC - CORAAL agreement, 05/09/08
ATK - AARC Alliance, 03/26/08
Status and Schedule, 03/04/08


Agreement with NASA signed, 12/10/07
Last plasma at NASA, 10/2/07
First commercial contract, 8/21/07
Achieving record plasma, 6/12/07
Helicon milestone in CR, 6/12/07
2006 milestones & 2007 goals, 1/30/07