Visitor Reviews

(D. W., University of Texas, July 2013) "I was a part of the Texas A&M tour group on July 17. I really enjoyed the tour and found everything very interesting. I especially liked seeing the laboratory and the equipment used to test the propulsion systems" 

(T. W., University of Texas at El Paso, July 2013) "I was with the group of students from Texas A&M that visited your facilities last week. After the tour my interest in electric propulsion grew greatly. I would also like to thank you for your time during the visit. I gained much from it and am grateful for you and Mr. Giambusso leading us through the facilities. I hope to keep in touch with Ad Astra as it would be a great pleasure to work with the company and yourself in the future."  

(B. G., City of Webster, March 2009) "I have heard the greatest praise for you, Ad Astra, and your stellar presentation! Thank you for making this Webster Business Alliance the best one in our history! Webster is unbelievably fortunate! Many thanks for presiding at the Webster Business Alliance!"

(T. B., Latino Media Works, March 2009) "We LOVE Franklin Chang Díaz... Que belleza de persona y que bien Habla. We want to be in touch with him about the video and anything else we can do to be of service. Alberto and I are big fans! Thank you for all of your help y mandale saludos."  

(V.K., JSC Intern, March 2009 ) "Thank you for sharing the fundamentals and current implementation of plasma and ionization technology with us. It was truly fascinating to learn about the cutting edge research and development you're doing, and the subsequent benefits to the space program. It is clear the scientists are as passionate as they are dedicated." 

(B.H., JSC Intern, March 2009)  "Thank you so much for allowing us to tour Ad Astra Rocket Company and witness the latest in VASIMR technology. It was very exciting to learn about the capabilities of a plasma rocket, and I look forward to seeing its implementation in the very near future." 

(M.P., JSC Intern, March 2009) "Thank you for allowing us to tour the Ad Astra Facility. It was an amazing experience to get to see what will hopefully be powering future space flights to the moon and beyond."  

(J. C., ESCG Co-op, March 2009) "The Tour of the VASMIR lab yesterday was a real great experience! It’s very intriguing to think about all of the potential applications of this type of propulsion technology. I’m very excited to see it eventually being used on the Space Station. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to show is around the facility!"  

(A.R.A., JSC Intern, Spring 2009) "Many thanks for the awe inspiring tour of the VASIMR facility. It is very encouraging to know that we are aggressively exhausting every opportunity to advance our space exploration capabilities!"

(J.B., NASA JSC Intern, Spring 2009)  "I would like to personally thank you for the in-depth tour of your facility. It is truly amazing to see all the advancements you all are making in regards to plasma technology. I never would have imagined plasma being used as a means of propulsion." 

(B.G., JSC Intern, March 2009) "Thank you for taking the time to give us a tour of your facility. The work you and your team are doing is very interesting, and I feel privileged that I was allowed to see your facility and the future of propulsion in space! Since touring your facility, every person I've spoken to about it has expressed interest in your project and been astounded by what the VASIMR is capable of. Good luck with your future work and thanks again!"  

(D. A., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008) "Thank you all for opening up the doors to Ad Astra Rocket Company once again to another group of eager space enthusiasts. The NASA co-ops, myself included, really enjoyed the visit and were impressed to see the great progress that Ad Astra has continued to make with the VASIMR develolpment!" 

(C., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008)  "Thanks for taking the time to show us around Ad Astra. This is the fourth time I have taken the tour since I started co-oping and it is my favorite. It is always facinating to see the rapid progress that has been made from one tour to the next. I learn something new about the rocket each time I visit." 

(E. P., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008) "Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and show us around the Ad Astra Facility. It was really neat to see actual progress in the field of propulsion systems. That technology is incredible. I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn about the work that goes on there."  

(R. S., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008) "Thank you for inviting us to tour your facilities and learn about the VASIMR engine. I was hoping for such a tour since my first co-op rotation at Johnson Space Center. My dream finally came true!"  

(P. S., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008) "Thank you so much for giving your time to allow the NASA co-ops to tour Ad Astra. I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot as well!"  

(C. S., JSC Co-op, Jul 2008) "I really appreciate the awesome tour! I never understood how interesting plasma technology was; you provided an excellent presentation of its importance to the space program."  

(G.M., JSC, Apr 2008) "On behalf of the JSC Co-ops I want to thank you for helping us set up and allowing us to come and tour the Ad Astra Facilities. We had a great time and really learned a lot. You guys are doing some astounding and ground breaking work in the field of space exploration."  

(W.R.M., JSC Co-op, Apr 2008) "Thank you for showing us your ITAR protected facility and introducing us to your research concepts. I enjoyed learning about the Variable Specific Impulse Rocket which may one day carry our lunar outpost and much more from LEO to LLO (or even to Mars). I applaud the work you do and look forward to reading about your successful test flights and potentially seeing the VASMIR attached to the ISS."  

(N.S., JSC Co-op, Apr 2008) "VASIMR is an awesome piece of technology, and I was thrilled to get to see it. Thanks for the tour and the Q/A time. Best of luck with getting this thing into space!"  

(C.M., JSC Co-op, Apr 2008)  "Thank you so much for letting us tour your facilities! I had no idea that an awesome company like yours was located in such an innocuous building! Your plans for the future of space flight are inspiring and hopeful! Thanks for taking the time share them with us." 

(B.T., JSC Co-op, Apr 2008)  "Thank very much for your time and sharing your passion with us. It is exciting to think of a more advanced space infrastructure. You are truly pioneers of space! Also, I would like to know more about investing in your company. I know you are really going places, and I would like to be a part of it." 

(M.W., JSC Co-op, Apr 2008) "Dear plasma physicists, Just wanted to say thank you for taking to time to show us your facilities and explain the VASIMR rocket to us. It's really exciting to see such cutting edge technology that has the potential to change a lot about spaceflight in person. Also it was unique to see the private sector of spaceflight which we don't ever get to see. Knowing that an office of under 30 people is building a rocket engine to go long distances in space is really cool! Again, thanks for your time!"  

(M.B., U Wisconsin grad student, Apr 2008) "As an active researcher in the fusion energy sciences, I must admit that VASIMR was one of the two key factors - the other being fusion - motivating me when I made the decision to pursue physics as an undergraduate in 2000. While controlled nuclear fusion may have won me over by graduate school, VASIMR has always had a special place in my heart. One of my dreams is routine spaceflight, and the prospect of a plasma rocket as an enabling tool for space exploration is just as exciting to me as a fusion researcher (if not more) than as a young student as a viable stepping stone to the Moon, Mars, and beyond."  

(R.B., U Wisconsin student, Apr 2008) "It is inspiring to see a private space company lead industry innovation and advancement with a project like VASIMR."  

(P.G., U Wisconsin student, Apr 2008) "Seeing a privately-funded space propulsion project opened my eyes as to what engineers can do outside the big corporate setting."  

(E.M., U Wisconsin student, Apr 2008) "I was very impressed with the tour that AdAstra provided for our AIAA UW-Madison tour group. It was interesting and educational to obtain such an intimate look at such a unique concept."  

(J.G., U Wisconsin student, Apr 2008) "Touring Ad Astra's facility in Houston was an awesome experience in seeing aerospace engineering being combined with plasma physics to provide new solutions to spaceflight propulsion dilemnas. It was refreshing to see funding for both research and production of an innovative approaches like VASIMR."