Ad Astra shares a deep commitment to education, especially to that of our youth, and often invites local high schools and middle schools to visit the facilities. For instance, a large group of students from the United Space School visit us every year. 

Ad Astra scientists take part in education outreach as often as possible, speaking at schools (Elementary to University level), guiding facility tours, and even performing scientific demonstrations. Our scientists have mentored the Booker T. Washington high school rocket team on an annual basis which included design evaluation, performing critical design review, testing hardware, and attending rocket launches. We have even coordinated several high altitude weather ballon launches to gather design parameter data used in the teams models for designing their rocket.

Furthermore, 32% of Ad Astra’s team is below the age of 30, and the company provides them with strong support in their academic and professional life. Ad Astra has also hosted several internships for outstanding young talents coming from some of the World’s top universities.

Ad Astra Imaginación Educational Program

As part of our social responsibility program, Ad Astra offers 10 free short speaking engagements per year to schools with limited resources. In order to apply to this program, please fill our Contact form. The presentation can be virtual or physical depending on location. The application process starts from January through March.